AKTU Tentative First Year Syllabus


AKTU Tentative First Year Syllabus and Credit System



  • As we know there are two groups (Mechanical and Electrical) for all B.Tech first year  Branches. Now there are only five theory subjects instead of six subjects.
  • Manufacturing process and environmental science are removed from first year syllabus. That can be a bad news for students because these subjects were quite easy to pass.
  • Credit system for Computer System & Programming in C and Professional Communication are now of 3.
  • Good News! Practical exams are of 100 marks (50 Internal and 50 external)
  • Good News! General Proficiency is of 100 marks instead of 50 marks. 
  • Regular class and performance in internal exams will play great roll in overall percentage.AKTU new syllabus
    AKTU new syllabus
    So, only one rule to get high percentage . attend classes and dont  misbehave with teachers colleague and classmate because GP is of 100 marks means 10%. i know this task is really difficult for engineering students but still you have to do.

    Previously internal+practical marks given by college was 500 out of 1000. but now 650 marks . so this will create huge difference in percentage marks.

    Practical marks ares also very important, now of 100 marks (50 + 50)


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