Level 2

Final year (ECE) Project list (Level-2)

 1 .Smart fan (human tracking) PIR based(H)

         This project is identify the presence of human in the room and switch the fan ON/Off.

 2. Zigbee/RF smart energy complaint power meter(H)

          This project allow the authority to keep watch on the energy consumption of any industry.

 3. Zigbee-wireless relay control and power monitoring system(H+S)

          This project helps to monitor the energy consumption and one can also control the switching of devices.

 4. Home energy management(smart house)(H+S)

          Concept of PC controlled smart home that can track the energy efficiency and limit that as per your instructions.

 5 .Wireless gesture control tank(H)

          Concept of handling heavy mechanism or structure just with the help of gesture movement.

 6. Speed Control of Train using PWM(H)

         Concept of speed control mechanism used in Metro Trains.

 7. Human machine interface(H+S)

–          Control your PC with your eye blinking.

 8. RFID based Prepaid energy meter(H)

          Designing of energy meter that can be recharged through prepaid system

 9. RFID based passport tracking and photo id system(H+S)

          Designing of  person tracking and identification system

10. Automatic error detection through GSM(H)

          Get notification message when the any signal or power loss generated in a GSM tower.

 11. Thermometer and SMS based alerts(H)

          Get notification message when temperature rises above the limit.

 12. IVRS for College Automation(H+S)

          Get the requiredinformation from the college database through IVRS.

 13.Digital Watermarking (M)

          Secure your data through watermarking using matlab.

 14. Digital Stethoscope(H)

          Track the heart beat activity and show  the value.

 15. Free space optics(H)

          Send the data from one place to another using optics.

 16. Vehicle collision avoidance(H)

          This system notifies the sudden obstacle in the route and provide collision avoidance

 16. Rfid based vending machine(H)

          No need of cash and coins, intelligent card based vending machine.

 17.Automatic dish positioning (H+S)

          Posioning of large earth station antennas to the signal from the source