Level 3

Final year (ECE) Project list (Level-3)

1. Street lights controlling for day light saving/ Adaptive Lighting(H)

          Control the switching of Street Lights and also the Intensity at which they glow.

 2. Magnetometer(H)

          Track the intensity of magnetic field and plot the data.

 3. Seismograph(H)

          Track the seismic activity and plot the data.

 4. Mobile controlled robot(H)

          Controlling the robot using mobile phone.

 5. RF controlled robot(H)

          Controlling the robot using radio frequency.

 6. Automatic tank filling system(H)

          Automatic Water tank filling system that keep watching the level of water.

 7. Intelligent ambulance controling traffic light (H)

          Controlling the trafic lights as per the emergency requirements.

 8. DC Motor Speed and direction control using RF/IR/Zigbee technologies. (H)

 9. Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines. (H)

 10. Digital Tachometer (H)

 11. PWM based DC Motor Speed Controller (H)

 12. Micro controller based Heartbeat Monitor (H)

 13. Micro controller based Wireless Temperature Measurement(H)

 14. Micro controller Based Irrigation System (H)

 15. Mobile phone based security system (H)

 16. Micro controller Based solar tracker (H)