Content of Professional Communication (1st Year)


These notes are provided by Mr. Sanjeev David (Sr. Lecturer in KGI, Kanpur).

Fundamentals of Communication (Unit-I)

Technical Communication: features: Distinction between General and Technical communication;Language as a tool of communication; Levels of communication: Interpersonal, Organizational, Masscommunications; The flow of Communication: Downward, Upward, Lateral of Horizontal (Peer group):Importance of technical communication; Barriers to Communication.

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 Value-Based Text Readings (Unit-V)
Following essays form the suggested text book with emphasis on Mechanics of writing.
(i) Humanistic and Scientific Approaches to Human Activity by Moody E. Prior
(ii) The Language of Literature and Science by A. Huxley
(iii) Man and Nature by J.Bronowski
(iv) The Social Function of Literature by Ian Watt
(v) Science and Survival by Barry Commoner
(vi) The Mother of the Sciences by A.J.Bahm
(vii) The Effect of Scientific Temper on Man by Bertrand Russell.

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