Notes:Manufacturing Science-I(EME-402), ME 2nd Yr, UNIT 4


Introducing you the topics of Manufacturing Science-I (UNIT-IV) in very summarized way. These notes are provided by Mr. Animesh Pal (Asst. Professor).

Unconventional Metal forming processes :Unconventional metal forming processes such as explosive forming, electromagnetic, electro-hydraulic forming.
Powder Metallurgy : Powder metallurgy manufacturing process. The need, process, advantage and applications.
Jigs & Fixtures : Locating & Clamping devices & principles. Jigs and Fixtures and its applications.
Manufacturing of Plastic components : Review of plastics, and its past, present & future uses. Injection moulding.
Extrusion of plastic section. Welding of plastics. Future of plastic & its applications.
Resins & Adhesives.





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