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Google brings AMP to make gmail more interactive

Google introduces AMP-enabled dynamic emails into Gmail that will turn simple emails into dynamic webpage experiences. A year ago, Google originally announced the sending of the AMP structure by email. He is now ready to launch the beta version to GSuite users.

The accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) in Gmail convert simple messages into dynamic pages by offering new features. Aakash Sahney, product manager at Gmail, writes in a blog post: “Over the past decade, our web experience has changed dramatically from flat static content to interactive applications for a more complex task. should normally click on a link, open a new tab and visit another website. ”

With this AMP integration, Gmail users can confirm their participation in an event directly from the app, complete forms, view image carousels, browse an ecommerce store, or reply to comments. All of these functions will be added without leaving the default mail client window.

Businesses that will be offering dynamic emails in the coming months using the Gmail suite include Booking.com, OYO Rooms, Depsengar, Freshworks, Next, Pinterest and RedBus. It is comparatively easier to integrate AMP pages because the format supports tagging features including carousels, forms, and lists.

Dynamic Gmail messages will begin to be implemented for users of the Web platform and Google will add support for mobile devices in the coming months.


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