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Microsoft’s PowerShell enters the list of most popular programming languages

The Microsoft PowerShell programming language is in the list of the 50 most common languages ​​in the TIOBE index. The 12-year-old open source language is part of Microsoft’s independent, cloud-based approach to operating systems. PowerShell was ranked 45th in the TIOBE Monthly Index for March 2019.

PowerShell is a Windows scripting language only used for basic scripts. The language was only available under Windows three years ago. Microsoft opens the PowerShell source code in 2016, the language is now also compatible with Linux and macOS.

Under the leadership of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has opened numerous patents, technologies and even joined the Open Innovation Network. The company introduced SQL to Linux, opened .NET, brought Bash to Windows, and last year transformed PowerShell into an integrated Ubuntu package.

An analyst at TIOBE speculates: “Until recently, it was only available for Windows, but Microsoft used its .NET Core platform to create PowerShell Core, which is open source and works on all major platforms. PowerShell is becoming more and more popular. ”

TIOBE’s monthly ranking is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages. The popularity of the language is a remarkable change in this month’s TIOBE index, and the top 10 programming languages ​​remain unchanged. Rankings are led by Java, C and Python, owned by Oracle. Other languages ​​in the list include C ++, Visual Basic, .NET, C #, PHP, SQL, and Objective-C.

Java continues to dominate the list with the first position. However, it has been ranked second in the PYPL or Popularity of Programming Languages ​​Index. PYPL classifications are based on Google searches for language tutorials.

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