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The automatic home playback feature on YouTube will reach all Android and iOS users

YouTube’s Autoplay on Home feature was exclusive to premium users since the beginning of this year, but is now available to all mobile users in the coming weeks. This feature essentially automatically plays videos on the home page without sound and with closed captions. Autoplay on Home will now reach all users of free applications on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. This function can be deactivated if users want it, or keep it activated only when using Wi-Fi.

In a detailed publication on the forums page of its products, Google confirmed that Autoplay for Home will reach all users of Android applications on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. While automatic playback is a welcome feature for some, in developing countries where data is limited, Google has given the option to disable it if users want it. To disable the feature, users should go to Settings> AutoPlay> AutoPlay in Start> and choose Wi-Fi only / Disable / Always on.

The new automatic home play feature allows users to preview videos and watch YouTube on the move without audio, and with subtitles on. Because subtitles now play a vital role, Google has provided creators with new tools such as automatic captions, subtitles uploaded by the creator and community subtitles. While scrolling through the home screen, users will now see the thumbnail for a short period, before autoplay starts on its own.

The Autoplay on Home feature on YouTube will obviously bring more views to the creators and increase the commitment for the video streaming platform. As mentioned, this feature is not yet active and will arrive for Android and iOS users in the coming weeks.

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