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Top 5 programming languages ​​for backend web development

Although front-end technologies have garnered much attention in 2018, it goes without saying that Web back-end development has always been a facilitator for the front-end experience. Whether it’s performance, database interactions, or application/program logic configuration, the backend also deserves a lot of attention. These are the main programming languages for Web back-end development that are worth learning in 2019:

1. PHP

Most websites in the global network use PHP as a base. The language will run any list of popular programming languages. The language is maintained by a very active open source community and can run smoothly across multiple platforms via UNIX, Mac, and Windows.

2. Python

Open source language has become one of the most popular and important languages for developers. The growing popularity of Python has made it an essential programming language for learning these days. It is a programming language suitable for learning, even for non-programmers, thanks to its simple syntax.

3. ruby

Although the Ruby on Rails learning framework has a long learning curve, it remains one of the most robust programming languages. Ruby has an active community of support developers. Good documentation and impressive open source dependencies make it one of the best programming languages for background development. The Ruby code is simple and vast, which makes it easy to use even for complex development projects.

4. Java

Java has the reputation of being a versatile programming language. Java is used for desktop, web and Android development. Even if you like new technologies, languages and frameworks, you can not ignore the importance of Java. There are many Java-based frameworks today. Spring Framework is the most versatile framework used by developers.

5. Rust

The type C language has strengths when it comes to developing a strong framework. The programming language is relatively new to C, but it is faster and safer than C / C ++.

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